Introductions First

Please introduce yourself

Name, hometown, current position, any social media tools you currently use and what you hope to learn in this course. Also include your Twitter ID.

For example, I’m Dr. Courtney Gibson. I’m originally from the Lubbock area and grew up in a small town just outside of the city (population 650). All three of my degrees are from Texas Tech and are in ag comm. I graduated with my Ph.D. in Agricultural Communications & Education this past May and am currently an instructor in the department. My husband is an optometrist here in Lubbock, and we have two Jack Russell Terrier mixes that we treat like children (we call them our furkids). I currently use several different online and social media tools including: Facebook, Twitter (a little bit), Pinterest (a lot!), Instagram (I mostly follow others), and WordPress. I hope to learn as much in this course as you do. Emerging media in agricultural communications is an exciting – and constantly changing – area we’re going to tackle together.

My twitter ID is @cdgibsonttu

Now it’s your turn! Use the comment feature below to leave your response.


About cdgibsonttu

Instructor in Agricultural Communications, Ph.D., Proud Red Raider (Wreck 'Em Tech!), Dog mom to two spoiled Jack Russells, Wife, Agvocat, Believer, Texan

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  1. Hello! My name is Sara Hewitt. I currently live in Cleveland, Minnesota and am originally from Faribault, Minnesota. I currently work as a project coordinator for the Southern Minnesota Center of Agriculture. I control our online presence for the Center, so I am excited to take this class. I use a variety of social media and online tools including: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, and Vine. I hope to learn more about how online communications impacts our daily lives and the way we receive and process information.

    My Twitter handle is @sborch03.

  2. Hi- My name is Katie Reichling and I love dairy cows! Good thing I live in the right state- Wisconsin! I grew up in and still live in rural southwestern Wisconsin; my county doesn’t even have a stoplight yet. Agriculture has a huge presence in my life. I am a part-time herdsman for a 220 cow dairy and work at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville in the School of Agriculture as a recruiter for our ag programs.

    I am working on my master’s degree in Agriculture Extension Education from Colorado State University and hope to work in Extension someday while still working with my cows. I am on Facebook regularly (perhaps too much at times!) and re-activated my Twitter account just a few minutes ago if that tells you how much I use that social media platform.

    I love using YouTube and Prezi but am not sure if these are considered social media…. but it looks like we will be learning about that tomorrow! I am very passionate about agriculture and conveying this importance to the public. I am excited that this class will strengthen my social media skills and am looking forward to designing our own website, something I have never done before.

    My Twitter handle is @KateReichling

  3. My name is Lisa Chesher, I am a graduate assistant at Texas Tech. I use Facebook and Pinterest the most, due to this class I just created a Twitter account, so we will test the waters with that! I hope to become more proficient in many different social medias. I enjoy social media for recreational use but understand why it is vital in a business setting as well, so I also hope to understand how to tailor a social media plan to a business.

    My Twitter handle is @chesher_lisa

  4. Hello,

    My name is Eric Busby, and I am a native of Dallas. I am currently a graduate student in the Land-Use Planning, Management & Design program in the College of Architecture at Texas Tech. I have used Facebook, Linkedin, and a few of the older social media sites. I am taking to this class in order to better understand how social media can help rural community based organizations promote their programs and missions.

    My Twitter handle is @ebusby08

  5. Hey, I’m Lena Freeman. I am a graduate student at Oklahoma State University in Agricultural Leadership. I was born and raised in South Carolina, but now I live and work in Tennessee. I work for a company called Genex in dairy and beef cattle genetic sales. I use Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter often! I hope to learn things in this class that can help me become a better communicator and advocate for the agricultural industry through the use of online communications.

    Follow me on twitter @LenaFreeman1

  6. Hey ya’ll! My name is Hilari Vargas. I spent most of my life in El Paso, before beginning my undergrad in ACOM at Tech. I’m working on my second year of my masters in Interdisciplinary Studies, and have chosen ACOM, MCOM and business as my three fields. I recently moved to Lamesa, a few days ago and am completing an equine management internship at the Flying V Ranch, which is somewhat near by. I am also in the process of establishing a horse training and riding lessons company, as well as beginning a cattle company. I currently utilize Facebook for my business. I have been in and out of good internet service for months, (mostly no or horrible internet) which has resulted in my absence from social networking, for what seems like ages. When I moved to Lamesa, my fiancé and I were able to get awesome internet access! I’m really hoping to learn how to get where I want to be with my company through the use of social media, online advertising, and the all around use of online media. My fiancé, my heeler, Mota, my horses and my family are my whole world. Small town life, and this venture into the ranching industry has been quite a trip. I’m excited to blog all about it with yall here on WordPress!

    My Twitter handle is @HilariV

  7. austinburrow

    My name is Austin Burrow, and I am a graduate student pursuing my MS in the Interdisciplinary Program. I just created my Twitter account today for the first time as well. I graduate this August ’14 and I am very excited for this to be my final course. I am the Site Manager for the Bayer CropScience Cottonseed Delinting Plant here in Lubbock, TX. I look forward to utilizing the course material in my career.

    My Twitter handle is @aburrow84

  8. Mallory Newsom

    Hey, I’m Mallory Newsom originally from Brownfield, TX and currently live with my grandparents in Lubbock, saving some money until I’m done with school! In May 2013 I graduated with my degree in communications from the University of Oklahoma. Yes, you heard me right I moved from growing up in a red raider family to become a Sooner! You will be happy to know that since I have moved back to Lubbock I have become a better Tech fan and am happy to say they are my 2nd favorite team! The current social media I use is: Facebook (a little bit), Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram (my favorite!). I hope to learn how to utilize online and social media to enhance my knowledge of agriculture and to use it in my career.

    My twitter handle is @MalJade

  9. Hello my name is Jacy Proctor and I am originally from Turkey, TX. I received my undergrad in August 2013 at Texas A&M University in ag comm. I am currently attending Texas Tech’s master program in ag comm and will hopefully be finished in Dec. 2014. I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine and Snapchat. I hope to learn how to use these more efficiently as well as venture out of my comfort zone and learn something different.

    My twitter handle is @jmckproctor

  10. Hey- I’m Christi Chadwell, originally from Garland, Texas, but have lived in Lubbock since 2008. I completed my bachelor’s in ag comm in 2011 and have worked as the communications and recruiting coordinator for the Department of Plant and Soil Science at Texas Tech since. I’m working, very part-time, on getting my master of science in ag comm. I don’t really use social media for my position, we do have a LinkedIn and Facebook group, but they aren’t really utilized. Personally, I really only use Facebook. I have had a Twitter account, just have never really used it. I just signed up for a Pinterest and WordPress account the other day, so totally new to those areas! I’m excited to just learn about using different social media sites, why you should use one over the other, and how it can enhance the visibility of my department!

    My twitter handle is @cmchadwell

  11. Welcome everyone to ACOM 5308! I am very excited to have you all in this course, and I hope it will be a valuable learning experience for you!

    If you have not already done so, please follow me on Twitter (@cdgibsonttu) so I can follow you as well!

    Have a great weekend!

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