Blogging Cheers and Fears

When thinking about creating your own blog:

  1. What are you most excited about?
  2. What are you most nervous or hesitant about?

If you already have a blog, please share your motivation for starting it and what you’ve learned in the process of blogging.



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  1. 1.What are you most excited about?

    The chance to express myself and why I am proud to be a part of agriculture! I enjoy storytelling and socializing. Social media has a global presence and to think that someone half way across the world could be visiting my site seems crazy and exciting all at the same time. I can’t wait to unveil my website and blog for my friends and family as well. My aim is to keep it light hearted and always search for the positive.

    2.What are you most nervous or hesitant about?

    In no particular order:

    1) Viewers will write negative comments or be harsh. I am a very sensitive person and I am a girl so of course I tend to overthink everything:)

    2) No one will visit my site. I intend to put my webpage as a link of my Facebook page so hopefully this will help.

    3) The design and layout will be unattractive. I don’t have much experience in creating and designing webpages so needless to say it will be quite the trial and error process.

    4) My privacy. Social media has many pros and cons but I do worry about putting personal information on the Internet. Once information is on there, it doesn’t go away! It’s permanently stored somewhere. The “cloud” exists on a server somewhere even though you cannot see it.

  2. Blogging! Well…I am kinda excited to say the least. I created my WordPress account last night and want to use this opportunity to share my story with the world. I have always like the idea of blogging, but I have never actually started until this class. I don’t know, maybe I felt like I would not have time to continuously blog or that I would run out of ideas. But I think that I have a pretty exciting life and for women that like cattle I am sure they would love to hear my story! I am not really that nervous about blogging, but I am looking forward to learning things from this class that I can use to blog about cattle!

  3. I am excited to begin a blog, and share some of these crazy ideas I have with world! My biggest fear is that I hope that I have enough information to talk about, or that I produce something of interest to someone else. I just hope that whoever follows my blog will provide positive useful feedback.

  4. I am excited to learn. I plan to learn right along with my readers. I hope this connects us in a way that is more than just them reading information I post. I want them to understand that posting this information benefits me just as much as it does them, and I am learning from it as well. I am also excited about the information I will find regarding my blog idea which is corporate law related to agribusinesses. I am hoping to attend law school after I get my master’s degree, so this can only help extend my knowledge and will look good on an application!

    I am most nervous about finding accurate information and posting helpful information. When someone comes to my blog, I want them to be able to get something useful out of their time spent on my site. Hopefully, if they do, they will pass the word and more will come. In order to start that chain effect though, I have to do my part in finding applicable, interesting studies. Determining which content/subjects will be most relevant might also be a challenge, but I look forward to meeting it head on!

  5. I think I may be a bit overly excited about my blog. I have been wanting to create a blog for a while now, but never had the push to do it. I am a strong believer in the fact that writing is therapeutic. I have always loved writing and have always liked the idea of creating things that others will read and enjoy. I’m most excited about sharing my experiences in emerging into the agriculture industry as a beginning cattle rancher and business owner. I greatly anticipate feedback, as I plan to include many questions so that I can get advice, suggestions and opinions from others. I need to produce cattle that will be the most desirable to people and figure out the best way to maintain them. I believe that you should try to learn something from everyone. In this industry, knowing the details about the demands of your target market is crucial. It is my opinion that the best way to obtain this information is to ask them and learn from their responses. I know that I can’t do this alone. I am very fortunate to have an entire class that is included in my target market for my field. In short, I’m excited about learning from my peers and professor.
    I’m nervous about not being as great of a writer as my momma tells me I am. Laugh as you may, but this is serious. Throughout my collegiate career in communications, it has been repeatedly stated that writing things that a majority of readers will enjoy can be very difficult. I’m opinionated and stubborn and I hope to really tone this down in my blog…. Toning down is not something I am especially good at.
    Anywho, I’m so happy to see that I have so much in common with all the students who have commented so far! I’m nervous about not being as interesting as them, actually. However, I’m excited to work with other people who have similar goals and interest, because I know that we all have an interest in what the others are blogging about. I really look forward to reading everyone’s blogs and interacting with the whole class.

  6. I have never had a blog before, so my fears are more on the basic side of blog management. Will I have something to post about? Will I forget to post? How do I write the information I’m wanting to share in the blog? What if my blog is boring? I think I am most excited about just learning more about blogging in general. for instance, how to post good content, what to post, when to post, and how to create reader interest. they always say the best way to learn something is to do it, so hopefully jumping in head first for the blog will help me learn the tricks of the trade!

  7. Honestly, this is all very new for me as I also created a Twitter account for the first time. I do not participate in Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media. I am starting to realize that maybe for the sake of business communication it is great. I am really focused on the transferability of correct knowledge from different operations in my business. I stay current with all the technological innovative trends in electronics and so forth, but I am really just beginning to explore the social media aspect of effective communication. I have really stayed off the grid so to speak since I returned home from the military, and I plan on utilizing more social media/blogging etc. to benefit my enterprise. The excitement for me is beginning to develop because I really see the potential in the possibility of mass communication. Safety is a very important aspect in my line of work and we are constantly adding training. I plan to develop more social media tools to aid in the training for myself and employees.

  8. I currently blog at and we also started a blog/website for our honey bee business at sweetcheekshoney,com. I’ve had a blog of some sort off and on for the past 3 years either for my photography business or for a class via Tumblr. I really became active in blogging after attending a regional AgChat conference and then was able to attend the national conference.
    Sometimes I run out of content or I feel like if I’m not the first person out there to write about the event or happening, why bother writing about it. I also struggle with drawing a line between what I should share or shouldn’t share. Some bloggers share all, where others keep a personal line drawn such as not sharing the names of their kids or photos of their kids for example.
    I play around with the design portion quite a bit and it is nice that WordPress has many themes available. I followed some tutorials from Prairie Californian (search for this blog then search blog tutorials under her site if you need help) to make my current blog a little more branded with color and design.
    The biggest thing I struggle with is finding the time to keep blogging. It often gets put on the back burner. I like that I can share my views about agriculture, but I also make sure I do my homework and often have people read the blog post over before posting it.
    For this class, I will create a separate blog for the assignments.

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