First Impressions of WordPress

I have two questions for today.

  1. What is the URL for your WordPress site?
  2. What are your initial impressions of WordPress? (If you have used WordPress previously, please comment on your experience with it.)

Remember, you are welcome to reply to another student’s post. This encourages conversation! Have a great weekend!


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  1. URL:
    WordPress is a little complicated. I had to get some help from my boyfriend, Kevin along the way since he has experience with it. Once I got the hang of it then it wasn’t bad. Just takes some time I think to get familiar with it. I may need one of those dummies books on it! Haha! WordPress seems to be pretty popular though- I have noticed other blogs that I follow are on WordPress.I think once I am comfortable with this site that I would continue using it for blogging in the future.

  2. URL:

    WordPress is just different to me, but I’m also not big with blogging (reading or writing) so the whole blog thing is an experience. I think my challenge will be more my content, I really want a more basic layout so that isn’t as big a challenge. I learn by doing so it will just take time to play around with the site and see how it works for myself. I might search for some help related content but for the most part it seems decently user friendly. I can see the attraction of WordPress for someone who wants a website feel, but doesn’t want to deal with a bunch of codes and possibly paying for maintenance of a website.

  3. URL:
    WordPress seems relatively user friendly, but with a little complexity in figuring out where all the settings for the specific item you want are. I haven’t really done anything with my blog, besides add a picture and a little text, so I’m no expert or savvy user. I haven’t blogged at all before, or even worked with any blogs before. I mean it seems like everyone blogs these days, so truly how hard can it be, right?! Hopefully I will be able to spend some more time with it and get the hang of all the function and everything.

  4. URL:
    I have used WordPress a little previously, but each theme and blog site can be different. I will be adding pictures, attempting to change the template color, and changing the text, all while trying to become more comfortable with the blogging process. Wish me luck!!

  5. URL: (Katies Ladies are my cows)

    At first glance, using WordPress reminds me of using Blackboard. It seems like every semester I always freak out for a couple of days because I forget how to navigate between the pages of Blackboard and where to find what I am looking for. After I play around with it and familiarize myself then my nerves start to loosen up. I have a feeling this will be what using WordPress will be like.

    I have never blogged before either Christi so this will be a first for me as well! It’s great that technology has evolved so we don’t even have to write code to have our own website. I can still remember learning the binary system in math… and blah!

    I am impressed that we get built-in analytics because you cannot manage what you cannot measure! I also used my phone to pull up the WordPress website but I was kind of surprised it didn’t look anything similar to what it does on my computer. Perhaps you cannot control this? I don’t know. I do like how WordPress checks your spelling and grammar as you type a comment/post!

  6. URL:
    I have used WordPress both for my blog: and as a platform for my hosted site: I like it because it is fairly simple to use, there are a lot of themes to choose from and once you gather some basic html knowledge, you can code quite a bit of custom stuff in there. I do like the self-hosted site I have, using a WordPress platform a bit more than just a blog because there are a lot more plug-ins you have access to. It is a little bit tedious to get it all up and running again and go through and organize and create content. Sometimes it can get frustrating when you want something to look one way, but because of the limitations of the theme, you can’t get it to work.

  7. URL:

    I found the WordPress site to be very interesting, and I enjoyed scratching the surface with customization. The page really seems to be user friendly as I was able to navigate fairly easy after watching lecture. It has excited me that I have the capabilities now to actually reach a large group of people over my topic of interest. I see the beneficial side of WordPress more clearly, and the ability to navigate the system with ease becomes very appealing. It also promotes the idea that while I can navigate the program, I could easily show someone else the same. Therefore, not only do you have the capabilities of reaching many others through social media forms as this, you can train others to create their own sites too. I look forward to learning more about developing the site and the applicability that will follow.

  8. My URL is
    So far, I like wordpress. In the past, I thought it to be more complicated and difficult to manage than I would like. However, it is become more and more clear to me that my perceptions of WordPress were wrong. It is simple and easy to use. I know I’ll enjoy using WordPress throughout this class, and even after.

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