Evaluating WordPress

Now that you have experimented with WordPress for several days, if someone were to ask you for your opinion of using WordPress what would you say?

Focus on three main advantages of WordPress and three limitations you have noticed. Please use headings for Advantages and Limitations and number your responses.


If you haven’t already given me your WordPress URL, please do so at the end of this post.


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  1. One of the things I’d really like to learn more about is if I could have a twitter widget that allowed me to show multiple people tweeting. For my blog I think it would be cool to have a twitter widget that showed the tweets of some of the top sports twitter handles. I see all the sports websites have this kinda of thing somewhere on their websites showing everybody who’s involved with their business, I’d like to do one for the people I consider the best in getting information out there.

    aglifetoreallife.wordpress.com is my url.

  2. In my opinion, WordPress is a creative and neat site for blogging that is somewhat challenging to people that are not experienced bloggers. I think that the advantages outweigh the limitations.

    Three main advantages:
    1 Flexibility- ability to create any type of website whether that be a personal blog or website, a photo blog, a business website, or etc.. You can make your website unique to you with themes, and extend it with links and etc.
    2.Built-in Comments- ability for the blog to be your home, and comments provide a space for your friends and followers to engage with your content. Also has comment tools which give you everything you need to be a forum for discussion and to moderate that discussion as well.
    3.Publishing can be simple- You can create Posts and Pages, format them easily, insert media, and with the click of a button your content is live and on the web.

    Three main limitations
    1. Limited number of themes- not that many to choose from and most of them are not free.
    2. Not able to alter page structure- doesn’t help a creative mind
    3. Advertisements on the website- they have the ability to do this and in order to get them removed you have to pay them, of course.

  3. I still haven’t played around too much on here, but it seems pretty easy to use and figure out.

    1. Ability to find resources to help you out, either through WordPress directly or on other forums.
    2. User friendly.
    3. Ability to upload images and content in simple steps.

    1. Can’t re-arrange the site structure.
    2. You have to pay to get the more advanced, cool features, and your own URL.
    3. When I make a mistake, or publish edits that I don’t like (making mistakes), I haven’t found an easy way to “un-do.”

  4. katherinesetterbo

    WordPress is a user-friendly website that allows creativity and expressiveness at the touch of a keyboard. Having used other blogging sites before, I am very impressed with the ease WordPress allows me to customize my own site. WordPress can be as simple as you want it to be, or as complex as you want it to be. I would recommend this platform to anyone interested in blogging.


    1. Directional Setup: As a semi-beginner to blogging, I appreciated that WordPress provided step-by-step instructions as I set up my blog shell. Again, I found it to be very user-friendly.

    2. Widget and Plugin Options: Widgets and plugins are so easy to add to your page! Having tried to add these tools to a WordPress Premium site before, I was so relieved at how simple they were to add to my free site. WordPress provides a variety of options for your webpage that can help create a customized and cohesive look.

    3. Customizable Header & Background: There are so many options when developing you header and background images. From choosing simple text and a color, to uploading graphics or Photoshopped images; WordPress allows you the freedom to choose the way information is displayed. This allows users to be creative if desired–I really appreciate this feature.


    1. Concealed Capabilities: Unless you have some knowledge of basic CSS, some customizable options aren’t significant. For example, I was able to add CSS code to my Text/HTML box in order to stylize and manipulate samples of text. Without my basic knowledge of what to look for, I wouldn’t have known what my blog was capable of.

    2. Limited Layout: If a free theme doesn’t provide it, then the blog can’t display it. As I was setting up pictures on my About page, I was very frustrated by the limitations the specific theme provided for layout options. I wish there were a way to drag and drop pictures wherever you wanted them displayed on your page. Though you are able to manipulate the justification and spacing to achieve a semi-desired layout, it never turns out quite right.

    3. Creating Pages and Menus: I don’t think the pages and menus are accurately described. It is very confusing when identifying the purpose of pages and menus from regular posts. I think if WordPress provided examples of what each is used for and why it could benefit a blog, users could be more effective at displaying information.

    My URL is:


  5. In my opinion, WordPress is a great and easy way to start a free blog or website. There are some very simple features to use that can make you a great, simple blog or business website. It takes a little bit of time to get used to it, but once you do, you can have fun playing around with it.

    1. Potential to purchase your domain – I like that you can still keep a WordPress hosted site and just pay for your domain, rather than switching it over to self-hosted. This makes it simple for those that would like a example.com site rather than WordPress.com.

    2. Application for posting – I like that you can post photos and videos from your phone. This makes it similar to Tumblr. I can’t say I would ever do an actual blog post, but I can post edited photos from my phone or a quick video of something.

    3. Widgets – Many simple and common widgets are available to showcase common social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I also like the ability to add search functions and subscription functions. You can also use the general HTML widget to add sidebar badges.

    1. Color Scheme – You have to pay extra for colors not included in your theme. This can be hard when you want to make sure you follow your logo or color standards and don’t want to pay extra.

    2. Overall look – You don’t have free reign to design the page. You are limited with sidebars and themes for example. You have to know some basic html coding to make your own social media buttons for example, or you have to know how to follow tutorials to try and work within the theme to individualize it.

    3. Categorizing Photos – I wish there was a way to categorize photos as you upload them to the library. I know you can search them by title and they are categorized by dates. However, it would be nice to have folders under there so you can place certain graphics all together, farm photos all together, family photos, animal photos, etc. all in albums for better organization.

  6. WordPress is still a little foreign to me, and I’m not completely comfortable with it yet. Although, I’m sure it’s not the site’s fault and is 100% user error and incompetence.


    1. Ease of Use – Despite my incompetence, the site tries to make it as easy as possible to create a blog that could be easy on the eye.

    2. Flexibility – The site is kind enough to allow me to easily make corrections.

    3. Connection – You can easily post and link to other sites. For example, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest.

    Limitations –

    1. Lack of Themes – The site brilliantly makes the ‘cool’ themes costly.

    2. Saving Information – I wish the site would auto-save changes. I don’t always remember to continuously hit the ‘save’ button.

    3. Lack of Flexibility – Along with the site’s advantages, there are some drawbacks. For example, despite the option to change colors and a few themes, all of the free WordPress sites basically look the same.

    I’m hoping WordPress and I can become better friends by the end of the summer. My site ishttp://missibarton.wordpress.com.

  7. I am new to blogging and have fallen behind on social media, so WordPress has been a trip for me. Exploring the site has lead me to a few conclusions about WordPress.

    1. It’s easy to sign up and start a blog.
    2. It’s free (at least the minimal features are)
    3. It’s easy to post.

    1. Only two themes are free and the others start at $75. I love so many of the other themes, but spending that much for one seems risky. There should be a discount for students or even a free trial.
    2. The free themes are plain. The themes go from sad and simple to beautiful and eye popping. That’s not really fair. You either choose plain jane, or snazzy Sally, but she cost $75+. Jane it is.
    3. The app doesn’t have many features. Maybe it’s because I don’t have much on my blog, but I expected more from the app. I like maximum mobile accesibility and expected things like being able to edit the design.

    • There are quite a few free themes. Make sure you select all when viewing free themes (I think it defaults to top picks, which offers you a much more limited selection). The “cooler” themes still cost, but hopefully you can find a free one that suits you better.

      And you are correct, the app is very simplified. 🙂

  8. Just like any other software program you are unfamiliar with, Word Press can be a little overwhelming for the first time but it seems pretty user friendly and tutorials exist on the Web for help as well. I hope it’s like the Geico commercial… “So easy a caveman can do it!” But I doubt cavemen had social media let alone computers back them….

    Three main advantages:

    1) It’s free! Without any prior blogging experience before, this is great for me I can play around and experiment what blogging is all about WITHOUT a financial commitment. It’s nice to have the option to pay if you want to upgrade.

    2) I like how you can set a published page back to its draft form. If you make a mistake, you just simply edit it.

    3) There are multiple ways to accomplish what you are trying to do. For example, if you want to do a new post there are different locations within Word Press of accomplishing this.


    1) You can use You Tube videos without getting permission but you cannot remove the ads within them

    2) Military time… ugh!! I need to have a table so I can easily convert military time to the standard time I am used to using.

    3) Adding images and pictures seems like it can be tricky and takes some practice depending on how you want them to look like

  9. Advantages

    1.) The advantages in my opinion are the relatively easy navigation tools for the site. I found that I can find most of what is needed on my own. Of course, I am just beginning to utilize the tool and there are many more things to learn. I find that the quick reference guide helped me to navigate through the site easily, and I was able to post the information about myself too with ease.

    2.) The background tools for color schemes were of excellent selection and I was able to find a background that I liked rather quickly. I also found that the color changing option was not difficult and after further research in the site I found that there is actually a very large selection of color schemes.

    3.) The most important advantage is that I recognize the ability now to successfully post blogs on the site and how I may inform others to visit the site as well. I find that you can really personalize the site, and this is very appealing to me for a first time user.


    1.) I found that there are many color schemes I would have chosen, but there are costs associated with these. This would not be a problem though if it was a viable option for launching the site for an organization.

    2.) I recognize that you must follow the basic informational directions to navigate the page successfully, though it could be rather difficult for someone with lesser skills. There can also be a chance of someone not knowing how to input information correctly, and this could result in unwanted information being displayed.
    3.) You must spend sufficient amount of time to learn the more advanced applications of the program, but if done properly the site can provide a great resource for utilization as a social media tool.

    The pros and cons of the site are dual in nature, and I believe the site is relatively user friendly. I look forward to the capabilities I can unlock utilizing the site towards social media needs in my organization.

  10. I think WordPress is great for the person who doesn’t understand code. This allows the everyday person to become an internet sensation. I did not realize that Texas Tech used WordPress for their website. I think this is a great idea! My experience in the past with working with company websites anytime a change needed to be made I had to send the change to the IT guys. This made a simple fix a hassle to resolve. By the time the information was updated it was already out-of-date. So I like the idea of being able to do it myself.

    Some advantages to using WordPress:
    You can google how to use the program!
    No need for a web designing background.
    There are great themes to pick from without having to start from scratch.
    Did I mention you could google!?!?!

    Some limitations of using WordPress:
    It is intimidating!
    Deciding on what you want the look to be because there are so many options.
    Making sure I have the privacy settings set correctly. But I worry about this on Facebook.

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