To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

You have all been “using” Twitter for a couple of weeks now (if not longer). Please provide your  personal pro and con list for using Twitter.

After weighing the pros and cons, do you plan to continue using Twitter after this course? Please explain your decision.


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  1. Pros of Twitter:

    1.Twitter is open to so many open. Even if you are a small business with a very unique niche, Twitter is big enough to allow someone to find an audience.

    2.Every tweet goes to your followers unlike other sites where only some followers see your post.

    3.Tweets are easy to create and don’t require much time.

    4.You can get to the point. Since you are limited to 140 characters, you need to get to the point. It is easy to be more direct.

    Cons of Twitter:

    1.Twitter is busy and makes it hard for people that don’t tweet much because posts can be hidden within hundreds of other posts.

    2.Twitter is not ideal for visual content since it used based on texts. Pictures are harder to see and not as easily accessible when compared to other sites.

    3.You are limited to 140 characters. Expressing your thoughts in just a few words is a requirement to use Twitter.

    4.Not everyone can advertise and must meet certain qualifications.

    I have used Twitter for about 3 years now, in the past 6 months I have lost interest in this site due to newer sites like instagram and Pinterest. But I will continue to use it in the future in order to connect to ag pages.

  2. Twitter Pros:
    • Easy to use
    • Open to anybody
    • Easy to follow and be followed by a large number of people
    • Extremely interactive
    • Most in the moment social media (Always at the forefront of the biggest stories)
    Twitter Cons:
    • Have to post constantly to ever get noticed
    • Hard to know who can be trusted when it comes to breaking news
    • Profiles provide little information about the person
    • No way to organize your followers and the people you follow into groups

    I have had and used Twitted extensively for a good while now. I love it, by far and away my favorite social media medium. Since I am a sports fanatic I love how interactive Twitter is during sports events. It is also the best way for me to keep up with big sports stories.

  3. Pros:
    • Immediate. Twitter is very responsive. There have been examples of people feeling earthquakes before they even register and posting about it on Twitter!
    • The use of hashtags allows you to reach a large following audience based on the hashtag you use. I like this because you can reach more people.
    • You can hook up other applications to your Twitter page such as Instagram and Vine.
    • It is short. I like that it is short and direct.
    • You can sort users into lists. I like that you can create lists and group certain people you follow into them. For instance, I have a list titled agriculture that I put users I follow purely for their ag related posts in. I also have a list for sports that I put people I follow in that post about sports teams I follow.

    • It is short. This can both be a pro and con. Sometimes communicating in 140 characters or less can be very difficult. I’ve found messages are easily misinterpreted on Twitter.
    • Twit pics are still favored over another application. Twitter’s own picture uploader will show a photo versus Instagram or other application in a timeline.
    • If your profile is private & you participate in a tweet chat, not everyone can see your posts. You almost have to have a public profile to participate in any type of “chat” otherwise your posts only get seen by those who you have allowed to follow you if they are participating in the chat.

    I had a Twitter account for a class, let it go dormant and then picked it back up after about a year. I now thoroughly enjoy tweeting on it. I use it to share a lot of photos and links to interesting information. I find that I will tweet a few times in a row and then not for a while, and this can be problematic with the way Twitter algorithms work, but it is what works for me. I really like how hashtags work because it amazes me how that will pick up retweets and favorites because of the use of a certain hashtag people follow. I also find it interesting how there is this new generation of pre-teens and teens using Twitter rather than Facebook or “mombook” as some refer to it. They don’t seem to think their mom’s are on Twitter (haha!)

  4. I personally am not a huge Twitter fan. With a little use before this course, I knew the basics of posting, hashtags, and some common courtesy types things. I think the pros to Twitter are it is an easy and fast way to get news or information, it allows more interaction and ability to have more followers, and it is relatively easy to figure out. The cons of Twitter, in my opinion, are some abbreviations and hashtags are hard to figure out/read, character count on posts (although that can be a plus to avoid lengthy posts!), easy to get lost in the stream of tweets, and figuring out what is Twitter appropriate and relevant to post.

    For my personal account, I don’t know if I will continue using Twitter. I haven’t used it this far in life, not sure if I will add it into my daily routine. I do think it will be something I will use occasionally for my department, with the social media plan I am thinking about and working on. It would be a good way to share information quickly and to a large group.

  5. I signed up for twitter during an undergrad ACOM course at Tech. At first, I used it frequently. After a short while, I stopped using it all together. I’ve never really weighed the pros and cons, but here it goes.
    1. It seems like nearly every business or organization has one. You can keep up with businesses all the way across the nation, or just up the street. You can view pictures of their activities, stay posted about upcoming events, and get connected to other accounts similar to theirs.
    2. The suggestions for accounts one should follow are very helpful. I have recently been trying to follow Tech and local accounts such as KCBD and TTU Grad School. When I go to their page, it always gives me suggestions for other stations, pages, and organizations that cater to the same audience. This is perfect if you have a specific goal in using your twitter account.
    3. Many professionals have accounts and many pages are for professionals in a specific field. There is so much opportunity to learn from these people and pages: links, blogs, articles, suggestions, etc.
    4. It’s relevance in the world is becoming more and more heightened every day. News stations, journalists, magazines, radio stations, tv channels, politicians, businesses and millions of other important people are using Twitter to interact with the public. Sometimes, ones voice can actually be heard because of the ease of communication the public has with these people and entities. Tagging, hashtags, and posts directly to ones page have lead to communication that at one time could only be done through waiting, persistence and getting ahold of the right people.
    1. I dislike the limitation of the number of words that can be used in a post.
    2. It’s not as personal as Facebook.
    3. Many tweets are unimportant.
    4. It takes more work than some other social media options.
    As of late, I have again reAlized the importance of twitter in today’s world. I plan to use it far more heavily to promote events for the Graduate Student Advisory Council, for the memorial fund and for my future cattle company. I have begun to follow accounts that will hopefully help me reach my goals. Through the correct and frequent utilization of Twitter, I believe that I can achieve success in gaining the audience I need.

  6. katherinesetterbo

    I really like Twitter. However, having an established account to take over for work was much easier to learn than starting from scratch for my personal account. Below are my personal pros and cons:

    1. I love that information, especially from news Tweets, are in real time.
    2. Hashtags are such an easy, convenient way to search and organize information.
    3. A user is connected with a global conversation through their phone. Tweets can go out to anybody at any time. Twitter makes the world seem smaller and more accessible.

    1. I hate that you can’t edit Tweets after sending them. There is more pressure to get information correct than other platforms.
    2. Anyone can tweet. There are tweets I often read that junk up my news feed.
    3. I feel like if the character limit were 200, I would be so much happier! I often get cut-off. That’s probably a good thing for others, but frustrating for me!

    • I’m still not really sure how I feel about Twitter. Facebook has been my go-to social media platform for a few years now. I opened up a Twitter account back in 2009 and re-activated it again for this class but still find myself using Facebook more. I do see myself continuing to use Twitter after this class mostly because a multitude of agriculture organizations/ businesses are on it and this will help keep me connected to my favorite industry!

      Like Katherine, I love how you can access so much information at the touch of a button. Hashtags make this easy and quick but at the same time there can also be too much information to plow through. Being limited to 140 characters is also a blessing and a curse because it makes reading tweets very brief but at the same time it can be hard to get the whole story and it can be misconstrued.

      I did not know you can’t edit Tweets after sending them. Something to remember! I also like how Twitter shows what is trending. In one of my technology classes last year we learned about a college girl in the middle east who was killed and the government tried to cover it up but because of Twitter and Facebook the news had leaked out so the real truth became known.

  7. Austin Burrow

    Utilizing Twitter has been an interesting feature to social media communication. I have enjoyed being able to keep up with different people in relation to my profession. The pros and cons to using Twitter differ slightly in my opinion. The pros are that I am able to keep up with information posted from other individuals that carry the same interest in agriculture sustainability. Also, I am able to reach other resources easily from the different individuals and organizations that I have been following. The cons are that I am not able to always find the information I am looking for as quickly as previous research methods in my areas of interest as geomorphology. I also am a very private person, so I do not keep as much information about my personal life and interests. I am more inclined to utilize the resource for information pertaining to my areas of study. I will continue to use Twitter after this course, but it will strictly be for accessing information to use in my career.

  8. Personally, I have never wanted to sign up for Twitter and since it was a required for the class I could not hold out anymore. I know that many believe that it provides instant access to various individuals and organizations, but I believe that it gives too many a voice to be heard. I always find it funny when people tweet a message or a picture, and then remove it later because they receive negative feedback. To quote Herman Edwards (Former Pro Football player & Coach), “think before you hit send”. So here is my list of pros and cons.
    1. It allows you to get right to the point of your message.
    2. Twitter allows access to a large audience around the world.
    3. Instant access to your followers
    4. Tweets are simple and easy to create.
    5. You can link twitter to a website and other social media outlets

    1. The character limit, you have to convey your message in 140 characters or less.
    2. Limited media usage (video, audio, images)
    3. Allows the rapid spread of information; even if it’s false.

  9. I haven’t used Twitter until this class. I see Twitter being useful in giving updates throughout a sporting event or another type of event. I just got back from Texas FFA Convention and they used Twitter and that’s how people were finding out what was happening and where they needed to be. I also realize it is used as a news source and I like this idea. I guess why I don’t like twitter is just when people put nonsense up there. But that is with any type of social media.

    I don’t plan on using Twitter after this class but who knows things might change. I hardly use Facebook so using another type of social media is a stretch for me.

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