PluggingIn to LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn account already:

  • How long have you had a LinkedIn account?
  • What’s your overall impression of LinkedIn ?
  • Please discuss how you have used your LinkedIn account.

If you do not have a LinkedIn account:

  • Please set one up and add 10 connections.
  • What is your opinion of the site so far?

Do you think you’ll continue to use it when the class is over?


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  1. I just created a LinkedIn account. It is one of the many forms of social media that I am not that familiar with. I think the site it very professional and allows people to network with others in their industry or profession.

    I added connections to the site of people that I am friends with and know in the industry. I may continue to use the site after class, and I decide to then I will do a better job of including additional information.I think serves as a good way to keep in touch with people you have worked with or work with currently.

  2. katherinesetterbo

    I have a LinkedIn account for a couple of years, however, I didn’t start regularly using it until August 2013. When I went to Washington, D.C. for my internship, I decided to update my profile and information so that it cohesively represented me on a professional level.

    Overall, I really like LinkedIn for networking and looking for employment opportunities. After learning in class that the youngest age for LinkedIn users is thirteen, it made me question the platform’s purpose. I had sought LinkedIn for professional relationships, not friendships with children. Regardless, I think LinkedIn is a great concept. Seeing the connections between people (1st, 2nd, 3rd connections) has opened my eyes to how small the world really is. After all, it isn’t so much what you know, but who you know.

    I use my LinkedIn account to stalk people who have the type of job I hope to acquire after graduating. This gives me an idea of job titles and keywords I should use when my search begins. Additionally, I look at job openings that I would be qualified for. LinkedIn is really helpful in that regard, however, somewhat intimidating.

    • I went to sign up for a LinkedIn account and it turns out I already had one. This shows how often I use it. I think I signed up for it a couple of years ago and had good intentions of utilizing it to its full potential but that never happened. Periodically I get emails from people saying they want to connect with me; now I know what that means!

      Without much experience with LinkedIn, I feel pretty comfortable with the site because of its similarity to Facebook. LinkedIn seems to be pretty intuitive. Although I just reactivated my account, I especially like the job search feature and listing specifics in your profile.

      How does it know your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections? I have not figured this out yet. I questioned if 13 is a little young to be on LinkedIn as well but maybe these users have a lawn mowing or babysitting business. I just wonder how much information they would have on their resumes.

      I do intend to use this social media form after class is over. I will be hopefully graduating in December with my master’s degree and it never hurts to explore your options.

  3. I have had a LinkedIn account for about four years, maybe a little longer. I created the account while I was still an undergrad. I haven’t used it a whole lot for specific things but keep it updated with skills, jobs, resumes, and other professional items. I probably only log in about once a week to check if I have any pending connections, messages, notifications, or to update information. I do need to be better about regularly checking it and responding to things.
    I do like LinkedIn for the overall reasons that it’s more professional and it’s not a site to overload with posts and pictures of social events and items. I am definitely not using it to its full potential, but I like it so far.

  4. I have had a LinkedIn account since 2007, and believe that it can provide a user with number of opportunities if your profile is constructed properly. I know a number of people that are currently employed in a position where a recruiter contacted them or they applied through LinkedIn. I find it funny that a number of employers now ask for either a resume or a LinkedIn profile. I have used LinkedIn to maintain contact with former colleagues, and to also keep current on the trends in the job market since I have been in graduate school. Overall, I believe that LinkedIn can provide you with exposure and access to opportunities you otherwise would not have. With that being said, I also believe you have to keep in mind that it’s a professional networking site and not Facebook so your profile picture should not a “selfie” or a picture from a social gathering(happy hour, sporting event, etc.).

  5. I have had a LinkedIn account for quite a few years. I originally only added people I knew in my network and always thought it was funny when people I didn’t know would add me. I discussed this with someone else, and they said to think of it as a network where you might meet someone once, or they might be connecting with you to ask a question or come to you when they are curious about the industry you are in. I then started to accept more requests from people that I didn’t know or were in industries that I might need to connect with.
    Overall, I use it as a more in-depth resume. I always add the direct link to my profile on my resumes and it does sound like when I’ve interviewed, that almost every time, they have looked at it.
    I know I should post more relevant industry information or job information on my LinkedIn. In fact, after looking at this assignment, I went and posted a job opening we have at my employer.
    I know that I don’t use the site to its full potential. However, I know of many HR recruiters who use it very well for different aspects. I find some of the groups can be helpful while others are a waste of time and have lots of spam posters. I have used it so search for jobs before, but find that many of the postings are from more metropolitan type areas rather than my location. I do like that it suggests jobs to me based on my titles and experience in my profile.

  6. I have a LinkedIn account through my organization and it helps to connect with others in my profession. It also allows for the opportunity of others to see your file for future positions. I have enjoyed having the account, but I have not utilized this tool as necessary. I plan on utilizing the account in the future so that I can reach other parts of my organization for career growth. Other than this, I believe that this form of social media can benefit people greatly in their careers. I especially enjoy the opportunities for new positions that LinkedIn can provide, and I believe this is one of the most important social media methods towards furthering individuals seeking advancement in their professions.

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