Dr. Irlbeck’s Presentation

Dr. Irlbeck discussed a number of aspects to consider when developing a social media plan (audience, purpose, platforms, key messages, timeline, etc.).

What were three important concepts you gained from her presentation that you will use when developing your final project for the class? (Even if you are creating a research proposal for your final project instead of a social media plan, what things did you learn that could help inform your research project?)

Please number your responses.


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  1. I enjoyed listening to the Lecture from Dr. Irlbeck. Some of the things that I learned from her presentation include:

    1. Key messages- she discussed the importance of key words and key messages. It is easy to track the posts when there are key words to reference to especially on Twitter. For example: cattle (#cattle).

    2. Content- she stressed the importance of deciding what content you want to post. Some profiles may focus more on cover photos, backgrounds, and information pertaining to the organization/business.

    3. Frequency- she also went into great detail about the frequency of the posts. It differs about the types of social media that is being used. It is important to be consistent and accomplish goals of the site. You can create your own structure or plan that works for you. You have to decide what audience you are catering to in order to decide the best time to post- multiple times a day helps to increase awareness.

  2. I always enjoy listening to social media presentations because I feel like I am so behind in how to properly manage those sites. So, I really learned a lot. However, there were three items that I really hope to take into account when creating my plan.
    1. Build your audience. It will take a lot of work and advertising to get my audience built up on whatever social media platforms I decide to take on. Her points about getting your links and messages out were good to help me brainstorm ideas on getting more followers.
    2. Key Messages. Since our department and faculty usually take some good persuading to get them on board with new projects, I think being able to track the effectiveness and reach of posts will be vital and critical. She had some good pointers on tracking key words, hashtags, and using Google Analytics to help me in that cause.
    3. Content/Frequency. I think these two items really go hand-in-hand and are the most important part of social media. All posts must have a purpose, and she gave some good insight for how to gauge your audience for proper content and frequency of posts.

  3. I really enjoyed this lecture because im trying to run my own business and i feel so unsure of how to make it a success using social media. First, i asked myself, what’s the point? My point is to get more customers to sign up for lessons and trailrides so that i can make money to build my operation, purchase cattle, and feed the animals.
    What i felt was the most important was building my audience. My audience is mainly parents and children in Dawson County and the surrounding areas. I need to find out how these people get most of their information and what groups or pages they are a part of.
    Second, while listening to the lecture it inspired me to create a Facebook as my first platform. On my personal page i usually post a flier and share it on local pages and with local groups. I plan to add these groups and parents that i am friends with on my business page. I will also use this to post about fundraisers and the memorial fund events.
    Last, is something i have often thought about when posting: when should i post my fliers? I need to do some research to find out when parents, both working and stay-at-home, tend to get on Facebook so that I can post at a time that my post is most likely to pop up into their news feed. This ties along with feequency. I only post once a week, but using my new page, i will be posting my flier on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I will also hold a contest to win a free one hour session for two children once or twice a month. Im not sure if I will require them to like and share my flier or if i should post something else for them to like and share. I could use some advice on this.
    I coupd also use some advice on whether or not i should create a personal account for my business and add friends, so they can post on my page and tag me, or create a page that people can like. I feel like the first is better because i am in a small community. What do yall think?

    • Hi Hilari-
      I have also been indecisive as for if I want to put my Facebook and Twitter widgets in my website and blog. My Facebook page is pretty personal with a fair share of material not being applicable to what my blog is about. What I have decided to do is still keep my Facebook page but I am not adding it as a widget in my blog. Instead, I am using my Twitter account to solely focus on what my blog pertains to- agriculture. I am not putting personal ramblings on Twitter. I also work in the School of Agriculture and we have a Facebook page and I decided it would be applicable to link to that to my website and blog as well.

      These are just my thoughts. Good luck!

  4. I enjoyed listening to her message, and I always find it very interesting to hear the different techniques used to get people’s attention using different forms of media.

    Content- I liked how she stressed the importance of content, because your message has to get people interested in what you have to say. Your post should have a purpose, since this is what gets your target audiences attention.

    Platforms- I feel that understanding the platform is just as important as the content and audiences. Since each of the social media outlets allow varying message forms (pics, youtube, print), I believe that in order for your message to reach its maximum potential this has to be understood.

    Frequency- She stressed the importance of developing a plan that works for you and aligns with your goals for the site. This should be based on the target audience and the types of social media being used to broadcast your message.

  5. I enjoyed listening to this presentation as she had some very good points about social media use.

    1. Interaction – I think I need to figure out a way to incorporate more participation of our followers on our social media platforms. I worry about if you don’t have someone like or post something though when you have a post that encourages it. I understand the points she was making about getting people to interact with your platform means they are seeing the information you are trying to get out there.

    2. Key Messages – For my campaign, this will be important since we will have other companies and sites posting about the event or sharing posts. I think it might be important to create some key messages that they can use. I want to keep it consistent so that is important moving forward with the messaging we use across platforms.

    3. Followers – You need the followers to really make it worth while. This is important as we are in the infancy stages of our pages, so we have only a handful of followers. So encouraging through contests as well as paying for promotions might be beneficial. She mentioned the importance of promoting across networks, so this may be something we need to do more with our website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

  6. I am doing a research proposal for my final project but most definitely there were three key take away messages that I can use to inform my research project. I will be focusing on why, how, and if Extension agents use social media. In no particular order:

    1) Purpose- Extension’s mission is to better the lives of people by utilizing unbiased research. With this mission in mind, I think its imperative for agents to decide what they hope to accomplish. Possible outcomes include building awareness of an issue and building relationships with clientele. Extension really is a great resource and I think people satisfied with the services agents provide will be more apt to utilize it in the future via YouTube for example.

    2) Social media platforms- Each social media platform has certain benefits to it. I think YouTube is great because of its ability for viewers to watch hands on videos. Facebook is also applicable because of its ability for pictures to be posted, links to upcoming events, and links to other websites or places where clientele can search for more additional information.

    3) Frequency of posts- Extension needs to remain relevant in today’s changing times. Having videos, posts, or tweets that are 3 years old isn’t going to cut it. Material needs to be current. I don’t think they need to post information every day but at least once every couple of weeks to be consistent.

  7. Austin Burrow

    As discussed in the lecture and provided by our presenter the steps to successfully implement into my project are determining audience, purpose, and frequency. I will utilize the three principles in order to better my social media plan. The audience must always be identified first so that you can determine the content to include in your project for reaching your target individuals. The purpose concept is derived from itself, in that my organization must always identify the purpose of any implementation. The purpose justifies the expense, time, and monies that need to be assessed in order to launch successful attempts. The frequency in which information needs to be applied must stay current with present concepts and innovations. The timing and frequency both coincide in order to provide projects with accurate and up to date information. Utilizing these three modes to support my social media plan for my organization will ensure that I create the optimum project.

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