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Of the social media tools presented in class today, which do you think you would be the most willing to adopt? How could it help you personally and/or professionally? What advantages and disadvantages do you see to its use?


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  1. I think that the social media tool that will be most likely to be adopted is Newlse- news about your network. It has recently been connected with LinkedIn will make it more popular I am sure.

    It could help individuals on both the personal and professional level. In my opinion it is better suited to help on professional level as it helps to prepare and inform people about others. It also provides a professional and relevant insight.

    On a positive note, this site allow for professional stalking that won’t get you in trouble.

    However, it can only search people and existing contacts so that is one of the significant disadvantages of this site.

  2. Of all the presentations, the social media tool I am most likely to adopt was Gogobot. I love to travel and see new places. I plan many trips throughout the year, whether it be with or to visit friends and family. Some are big trips and some are small, but what I have realized, is that it is always best to come informed. If you want to be sure it’ll be an enjoyable trip for everyone, you should, definitely, have a few things planned out.
    When planning a trip you should be sure to find a place that will be interesting, affordable, an pleasing to everyone attending. I like that you can use Gogobot tribes to customize a trip to your likes and preferences. If you go to Spain to party, and end up in a small town full of cathedrals and art, you’re sure to have a bored group. If you use Gogobot, it’s sure to land you in Ibiza or Barcelona, along with clubs, restaurants, and lodging near all the action. Gogobot makes it possible for one to be informed about where they’re going and what there is to do that appeals to that specific group or traveler.
    Even when I’m somewhere familiar, or that I’ve been to before, I like to see, do, and try new things. It’s kind of hard to learn about new things if you don’t know anyone there or staying at a place that doesn’t provide tourist information. I’m especially big on trying different restaurants that we don’t have back home, or tasting foods common to that region. I use urban spoon often and find myself pretty dissatisfied quite often. Gogobot gives more options to search for restaurants in a new place. I love that you can use it before you get where you’re going. Urbanspoon has that option as well, but it is most efficient when you select a current location or region. Gogobot appears to be based on catering to those who want to explore. I am, most certainly, always up for exploring and can’t wait to utilize this social media tool on my next venture in taking on the world.

  3. From the presentation, I think I like the Gogobot tool the best. I travel a lot for work and most of the time I travel by myself. It would be really helpful to use this app to see places to eat, things to do, and other travel notes from the places I travel. I love trying new things, but hate Google-ing “things to do!” Even for my personal travel, I would use this for finding things to do. It’s helpful to get tips and reviews from people that have actually visited a specific location, versus just relying on the visitor bureau page. The thing I think i might not like would just be showing all of the places I go and how frequently you travel. Not that this site would allow people to stalk you, but it might!

  4. I feel that the most useful tool for me would be Gogobot. I like that you can get travel information, hotels, restaurants, and things to do all in one place. I like the tribe concept, because it matches your interest to people with similar interest. This seems cool because I am always open to new things especially when I travel. I have traveled a lot for years, and nothing is worse than using Google or Yelp for restaurants reviews. The place might have five stars and great comments, but once you get there, the food is disgusting and it looks nothing like the images online. It reminds me of the tripadvisor commercials….LOL! My only hesitation for using the site would be the tracking feature.

  5. Of the social media tools presented in class today, I would be most willing to adopt paper:li. Like Eric, Christi, and Hilari I think the Gogobot looks awesome but I like the concept behind paper:li. Very rarely do I read the newspaper but I like how you can search a topic and get information via text, photos, and videos all in one location.

    In my efforts to be an advocate for agriculture I’ve realized the important of keeping up on current events both locally and nationwide affecting the industry. It is a great tool for having quick access to information that you can tailor to your needs. Professionally, I am a herd manager on a nearby dairy and also work as a recruiter for the School of Agriculture at UW-Platteville. I enjoy learning about other colleges and their agriculture programs and paper:li would help with access to seeing other websites, social media outlets, outreach activities, etc. that other ag schools are doing.

    Advantages: Quick access to a topic that interests you, features current information, you can select what databases you want information pulled from

    Disadvantages: Media that is not written in English, ability to only choose 1 topic, some of the databases I did not select still ended up as news sources

  6. Gogo bot sounds very interesting to use because I like to travel but I’m constantly reading reviews on Trip Advisor prior to traveling. I even picked a vacation deal off of Groupon based on Trip Advisor, so Gogo Bot sounds like something I would be interested in. I enjoy finding new places and trying new restaurants so it sounds like a beneficial app to use. I also like the idea of suggesting this app to our CASE participants while they are in the area, so they can find places to explore. I also like that it recommends places based on what your interested in.
    Some disadvantages could be that information could be inaccurate or photos may be misleading as well.

    I also am interested in the paper:li online newspaper platform. I think it is pretty neat that you can create a custom newspaper based on your interest. This may be a very beneficial tool in the workplace. I’m thinking it would be great to create one for our students based on relevant information in the ag industry for some of their class topics. I also think when we have certain events, creating a custom paper based on a topic for the day and sharing with participants via our social media accounts would be an awesome way to interact with our participants and share news in the agriculture industry. The drawbacks though is that you can only choose one topic and other than that you do have to pay. It would be nice to see multiple topics blended into one paper.

  7. In my opinion Newsle looks to be a valid option for social media usage, and since the merger with LinkedIn it should become a much more viable option for accessing your favorite news media sites. It is interesting for me in that you can have your favorite social media information accessible and brought to your page instantly. This allows for you to constantly be informed about the information you care about, of therefore, want to know about.

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