Texas Tech & Social Media

Our guest speakers today discussed many different tools and strategies related to using social media for public relations.

  • What was one of the most interesting things you learned today?
  • What lessons could your organization (where you work) learn from Texas Tech’s social media presence?

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  1. The most interesting thing that I have learned today from the lecture was related to Hootsuite. I used this site in my final proposal, but I found out how it works on the university level through the presentation. I think it works out for the university as it helps to line up what posts should be made and when.

    My organization could learn from TTU Social Media presence and use this same approach. Being able to plan posts ahead would help out some especially before the fair starts. After the fair starts it made me harder to utilize this tool. But I think it is definitely something good to use.

  2. •What was one of the most interesting things you learned today?

    I really like the idea of how social media stories should revolve around events or holidays. I want to incorporate this idea more. For example, we had a few students who showed at World Dairy Expo this past October (2013). It would have been great to showcase them at such an international event. Perhaps this year we will have another opportunity to do this.

    •What lessons could your organization (where you work) learn from Texas Tech’s social media presence?

    We currently utilize Facebook but I also want to start using Twitter this fall. I am glad that we learned more about Hootsuite today because it sounds like a really neat tool to schedule when content will be published. We have a student who helps us collect information for each post and in the past she has emailed me the content for approval. Now I believe she can enter the information into Hootsuite and I can approve it this way to make life easier for both of us.

  3. I enjoyed the discussion about HootSuite and organizing your posts to stream through this and how to be effective with it. I have used HootSuite a little in a contract marketing job previously, but I just copied and pasted posts into it, without really exploring different options and features it has. Since I am in and out of the office frequently, I think this will be extremely helpful to schedule posts and make sure posts are still streaming, even when I am not in front of a computer.

    The only social media sites I have for my department are Facebook and a LinkedIn group, but I don’t use them how I should be using them. Their presentation gave me some motivation to actually use social media effectively. I have a long way to go before I am a good social media post-er!

  4. One of the most interesting things that I picked up from the discussion is the use of Hootsuite. I had not heard of or used Hootsuite until the lecture. I have often wondered how people or organizations that utilize more than one social media outlet manage those accounts. It’s amazing to see the application work in a university setting which lets me know that its scalable and adaptable to any organization.

    Going forward, I believe that this will help me and a few organizations that I work with to utilize these networks more effectively. In the past I have been reluctant to use more than one social media outlet because I didn’t want to manage it all. It seems that Hootsuite allows you to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

  5. The most interesting thing I learned from Patrick and Allison was that even Tech is a huge part of Lubbock, they don’t always get their stories in the news. It was also surprising that they don’t get notified if anything makes it. As PR chair of the Grad Student Advisory Council, I thought it was just us that the local news outlets ignored. What I learned is not to get so stressed out ur worried when we don’t hear back. I always get down about it because I take it as a bad sign. However, it helps to know that their department can help us to get word about our events and activities out there. I will probably trying to work more closely with them so that I can learn as much as I can and hopefully get GSACs name on the map at Texas Tech, if not in Lubbock. In the past, no one knew anything about GSAC, but my goal this year is to change that. I think that can more easily be accomplished by working with the communications and marketing office.

  6. Austin Burrow

    Hootsuite enables you to schedule messages, keep track of team members’ involvement, geo-targeting etc. I did not know about this tool until today as well, and it looks to be beneficial. It may be complicated for many 1,000 individuals, but on a local scale, department, it could aid in communication efforts amongst team members. It also brings the aspect of ensuring that information is continually being introduced in social media communication, and also provides the most current or up to date information for organizations internally.
    Furthermore, this type of social media tool could be utilized to increase our customer awareness of innovative product launches. It becomes imperative that new innovative technologies being introduced into the market become readily available through social media means as Hootsuite so that consumers are informed about new product emergence. It seems that as social media means grow and become more of a pathway for communication, tools as Hootsuite can be utilized to reach a larger number of customers.

  7. I thought it was interesting that they reuse content. I never thought about that, but I have noticed more people doing this. I would like to pull more things from my files and reshare them again. I also think it is important to pair your postings with holidays. This tends to get a lot of interaction, so I agreed with what was said.
    I also thought it was important to remember to post it across and link it across all social media platforms. You reach different audiences and can have a broader reach depending. I sometimes forget to cross post, so I think I need to remember to do this.
    I think my organization can be better at capitalizing on certain events going on both locally and nationally, and making our posts timely.

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