Going Mobile – Design, Lo-So Networks, & QR Codes

The first set of questions for those of you who have a mobile device (smartphone or tablet). If you do not own such a device, answer the second set of questions.

I own a mobile device:

  1. What mobile device (or devices) do you use? Please tell me what you use your mobile device (or devices) for. When using your mobile device, do you spend more time looking at websites or using apps? Please explain what you like and don’t like about using your mobile device to view the web.
  2. Do you use any type of lo-so network? If you do, please explain which one and your opinion of using that network. If you don’t use a lo-so network, why not?
  3. Have you ever scanned a QR code? If so, provide an example. How could you use a QR code, either personally or professionally?

I do NOT own a mobile device (yet):

  1. Based on what you have read and learned, what do you think is the future for mobile devices? How will people use them? Can/Should they be used in classrooms?
  2. Why might a business want to use a lo-so network? Why would individuals what to use a lo-so network? What are the benefits and concerns?
  3. Have you ever noticed a QR code on something? If so, provide an example. How could you use a QR code, either personally or professionally?

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  1. I have an iPhone. I mostly use it for texting, using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. I also use the Target Cartwheel application and the My Fitness Pal application. I probably use it for an equal amount of using apps and browsing the internet. I have trouble when some web pages are not optimized for mobile viewing as well as they should be or you can’t find what you need without switching back to the desktop version. I like that I can stay connected through various social media channels all with my phone and the apps I have downloaded.

    I don’t typically use any time of location based networks because I worry about the safety surrounding them. I have never used an application like 4-square before. I actually used to have the GPS function turned off on my phone due to safety concerns, but then started using it for certain agriculture apps in the field so had to turn it back on. I typically don’t even like when my Facebook status shows where I am at, so I tend to not go for any applications that involve location based marketing.

    Yes, I have scanned a QR code before and have a QR code reader on my phone. I’m not sure how popular and how used they really are. I tend to forget that I even have the reader. I use it sometimes to compare prices on bigger items. I have scanned codes at restaurants to enter into a contest for example. I recently implemented one on a poster for an upcoming event that we have that leads to the event’s Facebook page. I even have a t-shirt I won from Verizon Wireless that has a big QR code on it that says “scan me.” Provided, I only wear it at home to bed. It seems kind of weird to have people walking up to you and scanning the back or front of your shirt.

  2. I do own an iPhone, and I use it (too) frequently throughout the day. The majority of time I use the device to text and check email. A distant third to those two things is phone calls, which is pretty ironic. I also use apps and websites. I often use Facebook and Instagram apps, but the majority of time I use websites. A website I often frequent on my phone is Blackboard…unfortunately. I don’t mind using my phone to view the web, but sometimes my old eyes will get tired. On an iPhone, I don’t like that I can’t zoom in on certain pictures of text. I do love the convenience of the phone though. When arguing with someone about Tech football in the bar, I am often able to prove him or her wrong by a simple phone Google search. Although, I swear Google sometimes works better on a big computer than a phone. That might just be my imagination… I also own a Nook that is web-capable, but the only time I access the Internet is to download a new book.

    The only lo-so network I have ever used was through Facebook or Instagram. Past that, I have never used a lo-so system, mostly because I’m too lazy. However, I also think it’s slightly creepy. Our equally lazy dog would be irritated if someone tried to break into the house, and interrupted her slumber.

    No, I have never scanned a QR code. I’ve always wondered how it worked on a phone, but I found it too intimidating to try. Plus, there’s never really been anything I’ve been dying to scan. This might go back to my laziness mentioned above. I have recently deposited checks on my phone through Wells Fargo, and I think that’s fascinating. Although, I don’t like that it takes longer for the money to be deposited into your account through the phone than it does in person.

    Sorry to make myself sound like the laziest person on the planet in this post…

  3. 1. I have an iPhone and an iPad. I feel like I use them for two different things. With my iPhone, I use it mainly to answer e-mails, call, text, and get on Facebook. Occasionally, I will use an app or do a google search on my phone. My iPad I use for internet searches, answering e-mails, and showing photos. Overall, I probably don’t use apps as much as the internet, unless it’s the Facebook app. I don’t particularly like using my phone or iPad to view the web because not all sites are mobile friendly. It’s really frustrating to try to find information on a website that is not mobile friendly, or has drop-down menus that aren’t supports on mobile devices.

    2. I don’t use any lo-so network. I use my GPS when I am travelling, but other than that, I keep (or try to keep) my location off on my phone. I don’t want other people to be able to know exactly where I am. And with all the new technology hacks these days, who knows who can hack into your location.

    3. I have scanned very few QR codes. I actually created one for our department when I first started to put on our brochures. Around that time was when I would scan them, just so I felt like I had a better understanding of how to use them. I know they have faded a little bit in relevance and popularity, but I still think they are a great tool for people to go to your website fast. It alleviates having to write down or type in a URL, it’s just a quick scan. Our QR code goes directly to the homepage of our website, but we have thought about creating pages for a specific QR code that don’t necessarily exist on the webpage. For example, a ghost page for prospective students with specific thank-you’s and information from an event I meet them at.

  4. 1. I have an iPhone and an iPad. I use them for both apps and web sites, equally. Daily, I use both for Texas Country radio apps, such as the Red Dirt Rebel, the Badlands, and the Ranch. I also use them to get phone numbers, directions, price quotes, and planning. I use these devices far more than my horrible, less than a year old, Windows Lenovo laptop/tablet. However, filling out important forms online is often an issue with my mobile devices, so I have to use my computer. Also, Adobe Flash videos and some other video formats are not compatible with Apple mobile devices. I love how easy it is to use Apple devices and that I have iTunes as well as Spotify. I had a windows Lumia 10-20 phone and there are far fewer options, as far as apps. It was horrible and less than 6 months later, I fled back into the arms of Apple.
    2. I often use location based apps, because I get lost a lot so I use map apps. I also use urban Spoon and Facebook. Lately, however, I have become more fearful of location based apps because I didn’t realize how easily someone could find me, but, if I discontinue use of these apps, like maps, how on earth will I find out where to go? Two apps I absolutely love are the Baker Hughes Rig Data app and Google Earth, for information on land and oil rig data. It blows my mind what app creators can accomplish, and I’m willing to sacrifice a little bit of privacy for such cool things. I mean, I don’t plan on running from the law and I don’t have any stalkers. My momma, I try to hide from sometimes, but either way… She WILL find me.
    3. I have never scanned a QR code, but I’ve seen them around campus and if I were a business owner, I think id like the idea. It’s a quick and easy way to get people on the move directly to the page or offer you are advertising. I think there’s some in the parking garages that I need to start using. I might be wrong. I do like the app for parking payments though.

  5. I have an I-phone and an I-pad, both I use extensively. My IPhone is mostly used for my profession, and allows me to keep in line with communication throughout the organization. My I-pad is very useful, and I mostly use this device for school and purchasing items online. I enjoy the user-friendliness of my devices and I am extremely partial to Apple Inc. products. I mostly visit websites and I use a few apps for keeping finances. Other than this, I enjoy my Apple products and they make many things more convenient for my lifestyle.

    I do not utilize Lo-So apps, but I can consider utilizing these. I have expanded my horizon with social media and Twitter so I am considering new things rapidly after this course. I am very set in my ways when things work for my needs effectively, but this is another form that I will consider.

    I have not scanned a QR code before, but I have seen them occasionally in stores. I believe that they could be beneficial in my line of work, and also beneficial for my lifestyle. I am considering using these too, and I have talked with others that speak of the convenience.

  6. 1. I am probably one of the few people in this class that doesn’t have an iPhone or a tablet. I have a LG phone but not sure the exact name of it. I just know that it has 3G Internet connection and is probably not the best phone on the market but it gets me by. Sometimes I use it for directions but not very often.

    I spend more time utilizing websites than apps. I mostly use it to check Facebook, the weather, and my email. I also frequent the Whitepages pretty regularly. The only apps I use are Snapchat, Celebration Church, and Select Detect (it’s for heat detection of our cows).

    Being my phone only has a 3G Internet connection it’s not very fast so I prefer to use a computer. I don’t have Internet at my house so it is convenient to have my phone available if I need to check my email or see the weather forecast.

    2. I don’t use any lo-so network. This is a privacy issue for me. I wouldn’t feel comfortable publicly announcing where I am all the time. It sounds neat how you can receive texts about discounts from restaurants and bars or meeting up with friends who are nearby though.

    3. I have never scanned a QR code; I don’t even think my phone has this capability. Utilizing QR codes seems like a quick and effortless way to obtain information. As I am sitting in here my office I happened to look over at a pamphlet with information about cooking with dairy products. As a cheese lover I can scan the QR code taking me to the Grilled Cheese Academy’s website to try a new grilled cheese recipe.

  7. 1. I currently own both an android based phone and tablet. I mostly use my phone for surfing the net and placing phone calls, and listening to radio stations in other cities. I spend more time looking at websites, because some of the apps don’t operate as fluidly as the web. I don’t use Facebook at all on my phone simply because I don’t want to give the app control over my contacts. When using the web, the main issue that I encounter are sites that aren’t enhanced for web browsing and either loads really slow or give my browser an error message. Overall I use my phone for quick web applications, but I still prefer using my desktop in the end.

    2. I don’t use any type of lo-so network. I normally keep the GPS function on my phone off, because it uses decreases my battery use. I’m still not really that comfortable with a number of the applications access to what I feel is private information.

    3. I know what a QR code is and what that are used for, but I have never scanned one. I have a number of friends that work in different technology fields and feel they make searching the web or retrieving information easier. In the near future, I plan to use them for project that I am working to provide alternative access to the project website.

  8. I do own a mobile device:

    1. I have an IPhone and an IPad. I use my phone to communicate with family and friends as well as co workers at work. I use my IPad for school and browsing internet. When use my iPhone I usually spend an equal amount of time talking/texting as I use if for internet browsing purposes. I think that my iPhone works pretty good to view the web.

    2. I don’t use any type of lo-so network. I am like the others and tend to be more private.

    3. No, I have never scanned a QR code. I think that in some industries it works good. I am a newly hired ag teacher and not sure how that would be used in my career.

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