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Twitter Analysis

With your Twitter account, you will choose at least three similar tweeters to follow based on a theme you wish to follow (for example, if your theme was Texas Tech Football, you might follow Kliff Kingsbury, Texas Tech Athletics, and Texas Tech Football). Tweeters must be an organization, business, or official individual (please don’t choose your friends).

You will actively follow, read and keep up with tweets posted by these Twitter users over the course of at least one week (two would be better if you can manage it) and will write a short analysis of how these tweeters used Twitter and what you learned from following them.

Questions to think about when writing your analysis include, but are not limited to:

How do the tweeters I chose to follow fit within my theme?

  • How did each of the tweeters utilize Twitter to their advantage?
  • How active were each of the tweeters during the time that I followed them?
  • What did you learn from following this group?
  • How well do you feel they utilized Twitter?
    • What did they do well?
    • What did they do poorly?
  • What could these tweeters do to improve their Twitter use?

 The deadline for this assignment is Monday, August 4th.

Social Media in the News

Social media topics often make their way into the news:

Spend some time on the Web searching for recent news regarding social media. Select one article to highlight for this post. Here are the guidelines to consider when searching for your example:

  • Must be from a traditional news source such as a newspaper, magazine, television or radio station (no social media advice websites or online marketing websites).
  • No personal blogs; blogs on a news website are allowed (such as columnists for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, etc.)
  • Must be no older than June 1, 2014.
  • No “How-to” columns. The article needs to be newsworthy.
  • No repeated examples. If someone posts your article before you, please locate another example. Also, you cannot use one of the examples above.

Add a link to the article in your comment to this blog post (so all the articles will be located in one place). In addition to your link, post a brief summary of the article and your reaction to the information. Click here for complete rubric.

Social Media in the News summaries and links must be posted by midnight on July 28th.


Social Media Tool Activity

After spending some time exploring your assigned tool, please comment on this post with a summary that explains:

  • What your tool is (with a link) and what it does
  • How it can (or could) be used
  • In your opinion, both the benefits and limitations of this tool

Distance students – please be sure to also include your one-page how-to handout of your tool.


Feel free to comment on the summaries posted by your classmates!


Social Media Tool Activity summaries (and how-to handouts) must be posted by midnight on July 25th.

AgChat Reflection

Please add your reflection of your AgChat  experience as a comment to this blog post.

Use the following questions to guide your response. You aren’t required to answer all the questions, but do provide adequate detail in your reflection. Click here to see full rubric for this assignment.

You are also encouraged to respond to each other’s posts.

  • What day did you participate in AgChat and what was the topic?
  • What is your overall opinion of your AgChat experience?
  • What are the pros and cons of AgChat?
  • How important is AgChat?
  • Was the conversation thought-provoking, or did it interest you?
  • Were there any statements that you strongly agreed or disagreed with?
  • Do you think this form of agricultural communications is the new way to discuss issues, or is this a fad?


AgChat Reflections must be posted by midnight on July 30th.